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Have you ever gotten down on your knees in front of a kitchen cabinet with your flashlight out, just so you could try and find that pan you haven’t used for a while?

Maybe it’s the pantry. You have so much room in your pantry. The shelves are deep and hold a lot of stuff, but you only find yourself using the front 6 inches of each shelf. What is in the back seems to be lost forever. We offer innovative solutions to help with your kitchen storage and organization needs. Our custom slide out shelf solutions will utilize all your space effectively and keep you off your knees and standing upright!


Your kitchen and bathroom slide outs are installed in one day. Our employees are fully trained, background-checked, bonded and insured. We use only the highest quality materials and our products have a lifetime guarantee!

Owner and Founder, Phil Davis, has been helping homeowners get to the space in their kitchens since 2007. In addition to installing slide out shelves and drawers, our sister company, The Best Home Guys Handyman service, has been serving the Wichita area since 2005 with quality, professional workmanship. Phil is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. He helps aging and disabled homeowners modify their homes so they can continue to live on their own while maintaining their safety and integrity.

Contact Phil today for a FREE consultation to see how your cabinets, pantry, and home can be transformed.


Silde Out Shelf Solutions of Wichita, KS - BBB Accredited Business
Certified Aging In Place Specialist - Slide Out Shelf Solutions, Wichita, KS

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