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Bathroom Organization

Rethink your bathroom organization using pull out shelves.

Most bathroom cabinets only have one shelf - the bottom of the cabinet. When you have Slide Out Shelf Solutions install custom made pull out shelves we will enlarge, will reconfigure, and make your bathroom storage better in every way. Count on our experience in making small spaces store more and schedule your in-home design consultation today.


Bathroom clutter finally tamed with Slide Out Shelf Solutions

It accumulates, doesn't it? Those lotion bottles, tubes of lipstick, jars of night cream, combs and brushes, curling iron, blow dryer, it all takes up space. If you're rushing to get ready in the morning the last thing you want to do is dig through your cabinet to find what you need. Pull out shelves = Goodbye bathroom clutter!  


In a compact or a cramped bathroom space, Slide Out Shelf Solutions will adapt, and help you make full use of any available cabinet space. Because each of our shelves is custom-built, specific to your exact cabinet dimensions, we will maximize both storage capacity and ease of access —no matter the size of your bathroom. 

Custom Storage and Organization Solutions? Yes!

It will take less than one day to transform your bathroom cabinets into more functional, accessible and usable space with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. No work or worries for you, our employee Craftsmen will do the installation for you. Licensed, bonded and insured, our Craftsmen have passed a background check and drug test.


Custom built quality shelves, guaranteed for a lifetime with a patent protecting their design and workmanship.

 - All slide-out shelves made to order, dimensions are taken from your bathroom cabinets.

 - Dovetail construction, the strongest, most finely crafted of all corner joining methods, with matchless strength.

 - Steel ball-bearing rails fully extend and hold up to 100 pounds!

 - Multiple pull out shelf styles: standard height, high-back slide out, double-height slide-out, click Here for pictures.

 - Fixed and adjustable installation, whatever works best for your bathroom’s functionality, click here for details.


Call today for Your Free Design Consultation.


Find more usable space to organize and store all your health and beauty items with Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

A local Wichita business, you can reach us at (316) 712-6060 or click the button below.


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