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Kitchen Organization Solutions

Slide Out Shelves - Rediscover Your Space!

Get the best use of Your space in and around your kitchen with the help of Slide Out Shelf Solutions. Space you never knew you had becomes usable and you will suddenly have more storage space than you can use (okay maybe we're kidding here we use all the space we've got)! An organizer's dream, pull out shelves make cooking fun again. Smoothly and easily, every item on your kitchen cabinet shelves slides out into your waiting fingers. 

Why are slide out shelves so great in the kitchen?

No more reaching. No more stretching. No more searching in the dark back of cabinets for items you may or may not know you have. Daily cooking and cleaning will become enjoyable with the installation of your new Slide Out Shelf Solutions. Each custom-built shelf glides out effortlessly on full-extension, steel-ball-bearing rails and can hold up to 100 pounds - giving you full visibility, full access to every stored item in your kitchen. Guaranteed.


Your newly organized kitchen = years of carefree convenience.

Not only do you get a quality product with Slide Out Shelf Solutions, but your new shelves come with a lifetime warranty! So, if the bottom of one of your shelves breaks or something happens due to normal wear and tear - we will replace at no cost to you. We'll even come out to re-adjust your shelves if you decide you need your adjustable pull out shelves moved. A patent protecting your shelves' design and workmanship.

Slide Out Shelves will Transform Your Kitchen.

In a single work-day, your pull out shelves will be installed with no mess, no fuss, and no worries. Hand-crafted to fit in your existing cabinets, each of your shelves is custom installed by our employee Craftsmen who are fully trained and qualified. Licensed, bonded and insured, all employees have passed a background check and drug test, trust Slide Out Shelf Solutions to transform your kitchen.

What are your storage needs?

We understand that no kitchen or cabinet is a standard size. Which is why we meet with you for a Free in-home design consultation so we can understand how to help you get the best use of your cabinet space.


 - All sliding shelves are custom built to fit the dimensions of your kitchen cabinets.

 - Multiple slide-out shelf styles: standard height, high-back slide out, double-height slide-out, click Here for pictures!

 - Both fixed and adjustable installation, whatever works best for your kitchen’s functionality - learn more Here.

 - Dovetail corner construction, the strongest, joining method, results in shelves with matchless strength.


Give us a call today for Your Free design consultation.


Make one of the most important rooms in your home more useful, more enjoyable and have more fun cooking.

You can reach us at (316) 712-6060 or click the button below.


 Let’s get cooking!


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