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Pantry Organization

Your Ultimate Pantry Organizer.

Slide Out Shelf Solutions will give you easy, efficient use of your pantry space, bringing every square inch of possible storage out to you. Your shelves are custom-fitted to the exact dimensions of your cabinet space. We're able to build around any structural peculiarities and give you newfound access to all of your stored items.


Easily find what you need, when you need it.

We all can relate to the less than pleasant surprise of digging into the far reaches of a pantry: the outdated canned goods, the stale crackers, and cookies, the pasta gone rock hard. With Slide Out Shelf Solutions, every grocery item in your pantry is instantly visible and instantly accessible. You’ll know at all times the exact content of your shelves. No wasted food. No sudden surprises. Find storage space heretofore unused. And too often unseen.

Your Pantry’s New Solution = Years of Care-Free Convenience.

With your strong, easy sliding shelves, you can count the jars, cans, and boxes in your pantry without removing a single item. Your grocery lists and, more importantly, your recipes will come together more quickly and more accurately. Plus you’ll know when it’s time to go to the store and replace that can of tomatoes you used last week.


Bring your stored food to immediate use, with fingertip control of your pantry's shelves and its contents. If you’re tired of cluttered, disorganized and hard to access areas in your pantry, then you will love these pull out shelves that give you complete accessibility and visibility. We’ll help you get the most out of the busiest spot in your kitchen.

Pantry “Solutions.”

We do not take it lightly. On thoughtful purpose, we included this critical word in our company’s name Slide Out Shelf Solutions. Our products are quality, custom-built with dovetail corners, and hold up to 100 pounds. We customize your pull out shelf design with your goals in mind to provide you the solution to your cabinet organizational woes.  


We will transform your pantry in a single work-day, sliding shelves of superb quality installed with no mess, no fuss, no worries -- each of those shelves hand-crafted to fit your cabinets exact specifications. Installed by professional, licensed, bonded and insured employee Craftsmen. Fully-trained, qualified and background checked for your safety and peace of mind.


Our shelves are guaranteed for a lifetime with a patent protecting their design and workmanship.

Select the specific slide out shelves you need.

- All slide out shelves are custom made to order, dimensions are taken on-site for your pantry, kitchen, bathroom and any cabinet in-between.

- Dovetail construction, historically the strongest, most finely crafted of all joining methods, resulting in shelves with matchless tensile strength.

- Each of your shelves will hold safely up to one hundred pounds. We’re talking the fourteen cans of creamed corn you bought on sale, four or five sacks of flour, a toddler or two. 100 pounds, we promise!

- Steel ball-bearing full-extension rails for fluid, easy movement in and out

- Multiple choices of shelf styles: standard height, high-back slide out, double-height slide-out, etc.

- Fixed and adjustable installation, whatever works best for your pantry’s functionality.


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Pantry organization, with maximum storage capacity and accessibility with Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

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Let’s go grocery shopping!

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