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Attack of the Extension Cords!

I don’t know about you, but I love decorating for Christmas, and especially this year I wanted to add light to every corner of my house. I needed to push out the darkness of this pandemic and get some light into my life! But with light in every corner of the house and outlets not where I needed them, it meant extension cords EVERYWHERE!

I found a couple solutions that might work in your home if you’re wanting to add a bit of sparkle and light all around your house! The first is trying to keep them together and hanging them up along a window frame. The Command Hooks work wonderfully.

I just put them up on the wood work and hooked the cords around it. I even added an extension with an on/off switch so I didn’t have to get down on my hands and knees and plug it in behind the couch!

One area solved!

But the cords under the tree! My goodness they’re a mess! So I found two new ideas – reusable hook and loop cord organizers and a Wi-Fi outlet or a Smart Plug!

First the cord wraps. I love these and they are so easy to take on and off your cords. I even use them with my flat iron and my hand mixer at home. Easy way to keep the cords in check when I’m not using them.

And the after under my tree with the hook and loop cord organizers!

Now my tree skirt fits flat and there's room for the presents to start nestling under the tree.

And then, the Smart Plug! It comes on at automatically without having to do anything, or if I want to turn the tree on earlier, there's a little button on the plug. No fancy installation, just plug it in like any adapter! It’s wireless and can be programmed to come on at a certain time or turned on/off from my phone! No having to move packages or get under the tree to turn on the lights.

We’re even using them on the outside lights as well. They come on at dusk and turn off at midnight, no having to run out in the cold to the garage or the front porch to turn things off before going to bed.

I think this might be my favorite new addition to my holiday decorating!

Decorating at my house is massive -- it took 3 full days! But bringing in light everywhere has really helped brighten things in this crazy time.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and if you want to bring a little light into your space this holiday I hope these ideas I’ve tried this year are just what you need.

Take care and wishing a Happy Holidays to you and your family and for a safe, healthy and happy 2021!

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