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Cookies at 3 AM? YES! Easier with Tray Bin Slide Outs

You know the feeling: Wanting cookies at 3 am. Rummaging around in the cabinet or oven drawer. Smashing and banging together a variety of pans searching for just the one you want. And of course you'll probably have to remove them all to get to it. More than likely you will wake everyone up, and who wants to bother baking if it means all that? But what if you didn’t have to make all of that clatter? What if you could pull open a cabinet or drawer and the baking sheet, pizza pan, or glass baking dish was right there, easy to see, grab and use without the hassle and noise? The Tray Bin makes life (or at least cooking) a lot easier.

This handy, custom-made-for-your-cabinet pan divider, also known as a tray divider, can also be used to keep your pan lids separated, or even serve as a bowl/ lid organizer. Or try storing your wax paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and similar items. Add a slide-out tray above for even greater storage flexibility. Check out that space saving in the before and after photos!

Before, causing all the clanging After! Easier and quieter!

We have included this handy video to help demonstrate how we can help you use the space you already have and transform your kitchen.

Using our naturally-finished Baltic Birch wood featuring full steel ball-bearing extension rails (which can hold up to 100 pounds), the Tray Bin Slide-out can be installed easily in less than one day! But why stop at one - we can install slide outs into your other cabinets the SAME DAY with no hassle or large time commitment. Plus, each Tray Bin Slide Out comes with our lifetime guarantee!

Cookies at 3 AM, get ready! This time it will be the smell awakening the family, and not the clattering.

Give us a call today for Your FREE design consultation. Make one of the most important rooms in your home more useful, more enjoyable and have more fun cooking. You can reach us at (316)768-8808.

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