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Custom Closet Pantry Solutions

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Closet pantries are not designed to be very functional. There are many disadvantages, like not being able to see what food is actually in your pantry and not being able to easily access everything in it. Fear not, there is a solution!

When we put slide out shelves into a closet pantry, we start by adding special hinges. These hinges allow the pantry door to swing completely open, across the trim, so the door is able to fully open and you are able to access the slide out shelves easily.

We like to install the high back shelves in closet pantries. These have a narrow front and a high pack so items in your pantry don't topple over the backside. The shelves keep your items neatly in their place. On the bottom of your pantry, we like to add a 5 inch or double height slide out that neatly holds your mixer or other appliances. Our shelves can hold up to 100 pounds, so there's nothing to worry about when filling your shelves.

Another great feature of some of our slide outs is that they are adjustable after we install them. Gone are the days of frustration after your shelf install. If you need to make an adjustment in shelf height, this is easily done and we'll show you how.

A bonus of adding custom slide out shelves to your pantry is that it is just that: customizable! Based on your needs, we design and add the appropriate number of slide outs. We can also offer organizational suggestions lik

e laying your cans on their side versus up and down so you can see labels. This is also a great solution for spices.

Whatever your needs, we are happy to meet with you and come up with solutions to bring out the space you already have. Call us today to get started!

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