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Get Ready for Fall -- I've Got to Think COOL!

I don't know about you, but getting the house ready for the feel of fall in the air lets me suffer through the last few hot days of summer. But I also get distracted and forget to get things done. I found a great checklist from Houzz that got me started thinking. Here's the link if you want to check it out - End of Summer Checklist

But that wasn't enough, yeah the summer's over and I need to put things up and get ready for fall, but what else was I forgetting that would get me into fall? So I started making my own list and here are some of the things I came up with:

Things To Do to Get Ready for Fall

  1. Clean the gutters -- might want to hire someone to do that

  2. Wash the windows inside and out - for me, it's getting rid of the doggie marks on the dining room window where she watches the world go by and keeps the house safe from dog walkers!

  3. Check all systems with the fireplace -- order wood, get the chimney cleaned, check the gas -- whatever your fireplace needs

  4. CHILI -- MAKE A BATCH!!!!!

  5. Add some spicy scents -- pumpkin spice, apple spice, other spicy smells - in whatever form you like

  6. Replace or clean your furnace filters and maybe get your furnace checked

  7. Get the blankets out for cuddling on the couch

  8. Check your home's foundation -- might get the guys cleaning the gutters to do that, too.

  9. PLAID. PLAID. PLAID. -- it's time!

  10. Put away the outdoor cushions and furniture - wait until the end of fall so you can enjoy the wonderful Kansas sunsets outside in the cool!

  11. Change out your summer flowers for fall flowers -- how about some mums or pansies!

  12. Watch the leaves fall off the trees!

  13. Rake the leaves and then jump in them!

  14. Empty out the ceramic flower pots once the flowers have gone. Bring them inside to store so they will be ready for spring! -- I always forget to do this and then have some plants that survive the winter so use them again! Talk about recycling!

  15. Plant spring bulbs and dig summer bulbs - not fun, but pays off in the spring!

  16. This list is getting too long, so sit down and have a cup of tea!

I love fall. It's my favorite time of year. I've got my lists, I've got a plan, but putting that plan into action . . . well, maybe next fall!

Take care!


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