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How to Remove a Slide Out

I'm going to show you how to remove a slide out from the rails. This is the most common situation we have. Is on the side of the rail when you pull the drawer back out completely, there is a lever that you can see is actually on the lower half of the rail itself, which means it's got to go up which, means the other side goes down. And then you pull the drawer box straight out and it comes off the rail.

In order to put it back in, well I find it best to go ahead and slide the rails back in. And then on this one if you’ll look right here we're able to line up one rail, just barely inserted, and then the right rail and we push it back in. And you might feel a little bit of resistance when you push it in. All the way back, pull it out, now it's locked in place. That's how you remove a drawer box from the rail.

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