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Kansas Proud

If you haven't seen our Kansas Proud segment on KWCH, here's a look and a little about Slide Out Shelf Solutions.

Hi, I'm Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. We provide solutions for existing kitchen cabinets. Here's an example here where within your current cabinet space you can put in three slide outs in the bottom of existing cabinet.

So when I come and meet with you in your home, I'll look at your cabinets that you currently have, how you're using them, and get some ideas from you as well. So again, we look at the space you currently have and together you and I will come up with the best solution for the space you have, to bring out that space for you

They're very durable. They'll hold up to 100 pounds and we do warranty them for as long as you live in the home. So I want to make sure they're done properly the first time. They're installed by my employees and we install them in a single day, whether it being four slide outs in two cabinetss or 44 slide outs. We'll do that a single day for you.

Slide Out shelves in your current cabinets bring that space out to you and make it more convenient to access. No longer do you have to get on your knees to pull things out or get your miners cap on to see what's in the backside of those cabinets.The Slide Out shelves bring out the space you already have and make that space accessible.

One of the spaces within a kitchen that people use Slide Outs the most is going to be within a pantry area. In a pantry generally only use the front six inches of your cabinet space but with the Slide Outs, you can use all of that space.

So when you're ready to bring up the space you already have and tired of getting on your knees in your kitchen go ahead and give us a call, and I will be the one coming out to meet with you and look at the space you have and bring it out for you to use.

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