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Kitchen Slide Out Shelf Types

I'm Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. Want to show you today the three different typical styles we have of drawer boxes for the slide outs.

What we have on the bottom is going to be we call a double high back about five inches high all the way around the entire box. So this is more for bulkier items and things that are a little heavier and things wouldn't topple over the front side.

Now this one is what we call a high back. So it's low in the front, high in the back. Really meant for things that wouldn't topple over the back side. So we're able to put things in the far back wouldn’t topple over the back side to work with it.

And on this one we've got our standard low profile two and a quarter inches. That allows us to really have things lower, also mounted close to the top of a drawer box.

So these are the three different options you have to work with. There's a few others as well, but it's the most common we have within the drawer space or the cabinet space to work with.

I'm Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. We bring other space you already have.

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