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No need for new cabinets- bring out the space you already have!

Do you have cabinet space you don't know what to do with? Do you wish you had new cabinets in order to get the organization that you need? Well, no need to start a construction project in your home. We can bring out the space you already have in your kitchen cabinets!

Our team will speak with you about your needs, schedule a time to meet with you in home to take careful measurements, and send them out to have your custom shelving made. Next, we take your original cabinet and remove the current shelving, replacing it with our own fully extendable shelving system. Our end goal is to create a space that is fully accessible and useful for you.

Your bottom shelf becomes a full slide out shelf where you can reach every corner easily and without hassle. Store pots and pans, tupperware, appliances, or anything else you may desire. The shelf above it could store your baking dishes, lids, or mixing bowls. The options are really endless when you have customizable shelving.

Are you fed up with your current shelving situation? Contact us to get a free, no strings attached consultation.

Slide Out Shelf Solutions of Wichita, KS

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