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Pots & Pans

I'm Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. I want to show you an example about where you can store your pots and pans really convenient next to your stove in your oven. So in this case we've got a cabinet typically find next to your stove. On the bottom we install a custom slide out. Comes out all the way so now everything's accessible and the lids are behind here to work with. It will hold a 100 pounds, so it's very strong and not worried about holding the extra weight.

Now this one, the customer already had this box and we were able to just replace their rails with the full extension rails to work with, and had more storage on top here as well. So in this case all she had was the bottom shelf and the little half shelf was hard to work with. We brought out that half shelf and double the space for it. So with this now you have complete access to the pans you want to work with.

I'm Phil Davis with Slide Out Shelf Solutions. We bring out the space you already have.

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