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What's in your cabinet?

People from all walks of life have hired Phil to organize and bring out the space in their cabinets, because they were not able to utilize it to its fullest – let alone easily.

While these innovative products have allowed Phil to help people of all ages, many of his customers are at the age where they either no longer want to or can’t get down on their hands and knees due to the pain and danger that getting up and down off of the floor can pose for them.

Additionally, any person at any age who may or may not have physical issues can benefit tremendously from these wonderful products. This fact, along with the downsizing of people into smaller homes or patio homes as they age, has allowed Phil to provide a valuable service by installing quality, custom made, Slide Out Shelves. These custom-made products always make a big improvement to kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, utility rooms, garages, offices, and virtually any shelf or cabinet in both residential and commercial applications.

As a result, Phil has experienced tremendous growth from where he started and loves helping people who really need it and is often surprised by how much he has transformed everyday living for countless happy customers.

"Once a customer sees these Slide Out Shelves in action, they can see exactly how it can help them in their everyday lives," says Phil. "I really enjoy seeing the positive impact that these innovative solutions provide for people."

Phil has judged the Parade of Homes over the last couple of years and extensively toured homes in the $250k - $300k range this past spring. Surprisingly, of the 30 homes that he walked through, only three of them had any form of slide out shelves.

Phil creates custom solutions to each individual's needs based on their lifestyle, how they live currently, and how they would prefer to live. In most instances, this means Slide Out Shelving is not the best solution, so Phil offers other innovative solutions so that no matter the challenge, he can offer a solution that's custom build for them.

To learn more about how Phil can create a solution for your shelving needs, contact us today!

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