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Where is that other earring!

I don't know about you, but I have lots of earrings and it seems like I can never find the pair I want, especially when I need to get out of the house quickly. So, I thought I had solved it! A craft bead organizer, one for silver earrings, the other for gold earrings, and then those special "real" earrings in a box in my underwear drawer (don't tell anyone!)

Great organization that didn't really work! I tend to only wear a dozen or so different earrings on a regular basis. So I tried putting the ones I wear frequently up front in the first couple of rows!

Great idea, but that didn't work either! Now I dig through this area and the pair gets separated into two different sections and it becomes a little pile of earrings, making finding the pair I want less than easy, quick, efficient, or organized!

So here's my next great idea - a deep weekly pill organizer that I purchased on Amazon.

I still ended up with more earrings in my commonly worn earrings, but at least it's only a couple pairs in each section, still divided between gold and silver earrings, and that cleaned out my not commonly worn, but don't want to throw away earrings as well. I think it will be much easier and faster in the mornings!

I think I'll add a small pill organizer for my "real" earrings as well, but still keep it in my underwear drawer!

I hope you find a way that works for your earrings and small jewelry, but here's an idea that might work for you.

Happy organizing!

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