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Slide Out Shelf Installation Options

Your slide out shelves may be installed in a fixed or adjustable position

Fixed Installation:

  • Installing slide outs on your existing cabinet shelves is a very smooth installation process.


  • Each slide out rail has end brackets that are riveted to the rail. Screws are then used to secure your pull out shelf in your existing cabinet space.


  • When installed onto an existing shelf, your pull out will be secured into position. This is accomplished with small angle brackets mounted at the back of your cabinet and will keep the current shelf from sliding or tipping.

  • Another way of installing fixed position slide out shelves in a cabinet is by using special metal frames. These frames hold two or three slide out shelves in a single cabinet. This is a patented solution our manufacturer, Pullout Shelves LLC has developed.

  • If installed in a fixed position, the pull out shelves cannot be moved easily but is a very secure installation method that will help utilize all existing space within the cabinet.

Adjustable Installation:

  • Installing adjustable slide out shelves provides you with the most flexible installation. The ability to adjust pantry shelves is requested most often, but it is a very common installation in base cabinets, too.

  • Making the slide outs adjustable is accomplished by using four vertical wood strips called pilasters. A pilaster is used at each corner and has holes drilled along its length at equal distance spacing just like the holes found inside cabinets that allow shelf adjustment.

  • Each full-extension rail that is mounted to the sides of your shelf has metal pins that stick out on each end, instead of the brackets described with the fixed pull out installation. These pins allow the rails to be moved after your installation is complete.

  • The adjustable pilaster system in your pantry or base cabinets provides the most flexibility in using your cabinet space. Another benefit to the pilaster system is that if you decide to add one or more sliding shelves in the future, it is easy to do without any modifications to your current system.

We can help determine which installation method will work best for your cabinet-type and your specific needs.

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